About the Loula V. York Branch

The branch serves the small but diverse community of Pahokee. This location has a growing collection of Spanish materials for adults and children and offers a wide variety of online resources such as magazine articles, online newspaper resources, and internet access. The branch provides activities for children of all ages. The branch has a computer to help adults learn to read. Tutors and students, and some students on their own, may use library resources to reach their reading goals. If you are interested in helping teach someone to read, or know someone who needs help learning to read, call the branch.

Service Area

The library serves all areas north to the Martin County line along with the unincorporated areas of Pahokee, Canal Point, Bryant and Pelican Lake subdivisions.

History of the Branch

  • Opened: Loula V. York Branch was a gift from the U.S. Sugar Corp. in 1967 and opened as a city library in 1967.
  • The branch became a county facility in October 1989. The land and building are owned by the County.
  • Size: 4,500 square feet.
  • Expanded in 2006: 4,700 square feet.
Graham Brunk Branch Manager (561) 924-5928
525 Bacom Point Road
Pahokee, FL 33476
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