Resources for Local Authors

While we cannot offer you personalized advice on publishing or promoting your work, the Library offers many resources to help you on your way.

Professional Review Sources

For best results, select review sources that target your specific market in terms of genre and intended audience. Market guides such as Writer’s Market can assist with your research. Be certain to read and follow the specific guidelines for each source before submitting your work.

Mandatory Deposit and Copyright Registration

Any work published in the United States must be deposited with the Library of Congress. Submission rules differ based on whether the book is published solely as an eBook, as a print book, or both.

It is optional, before publication, to register copyright on a work. By law, copyright creation and protection is automatic from the time a work is created, but registration is useful to have proof for later copyright challenges. There is a fee to register a work.

Interested in having your book included in the Library collection?

Here's our general guidelines for selection of books:

  • Availability and suitability of format (no spiral bound, oversized, loose leaf, pop up or workbooks).
  • Suitability of subject, style and level for in the intended audience.
  • Professional reviews.
  • Reputation of the author and publisher.
  • Timeliness or permanence of the material.
  • Quality of writing, design, illustrations, or production.
  • Relevance to community needs.
  • Relative importance in comparison with existing materials in the collection on the same subject.
  • Price.
  • Appearance of title in special bibliographies or indexes.

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